Buyer Fears: Will I Even Qualify for a Mortgage?

This is the big question for buyers who believe they’re on shaky financial ground. One thing is for sure: unless you at least try, you’ll never know if you’ll qualify for a mortgage. It costs nothing to find out if you do, and you very well could qualify for more than you think.

If you are even remotely close to considering buying a home, it would be worth your time to give me a call and learn about your options.

There are three reasons for this. The first is interest rates. Currently, these are still at near historic lows. Low rates mean you’ll be able to obtain a higher loan amount than you would be able to in a higher interest rate environment.

The second is home prices. In many parts of the country, limited housing inventory is pushing prices higher. Why not shop before the prices go up even more?

The third is planning. If I review your financial details and determine that you aren’t in a ready-to-buy position, we can put a plan together to get you there.

This plan (which may be very simple) will normally focus on one of two areas: assets or credit. Assets refer to having enough funds for your home purchase, such as down payment, closing costs, and asset reserves.

Credit refers to paying down or paying off debt. Having high credit card balances, for example, increases your monthly obligations, which raises your debt ratios.

As straightforward as it may be, it could take time to see these plans through to their completion, so it’s good to get started as soon as possible.

Give me a call today to learn about your current and future home-buying options.