Fall Can Be a Great Time to Start Your Home Search

Driven by a possible need to change schools as a result of a move, many parents prefer to shop for a new family home during the summer months.

But fall can be a great time to buy if you’re looking for a deal – particularly in your current neighborhood, where changing schools may not be an issue.

Motivated sellers – such as those located in areas that are expected to see inclement weather during the winter months – are probably considering ways of encouraging buyers to extend their home search into the fall.

The thought of sitting on an unsold home until the spring market comes along can be a compelling reason for these sellers to explore their options.

This presents an opportunity to those who are prepared to buy a home at this time. One of the benefits of looking off-season is the possibility of being able to negotiate a better deal with a seller who is prepared to consider it.

Therefore you, as a potential buyer, may want to consider your options as well.

Start by talking to your mortgage professional. He or she will run your credit to see if you need to improve your credit score before starting your home search. And a discussion about income and assets will help you discover what you can afford in a home.